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How Your Home Remodel is Like a Layer Cake

And how the layers determine your cost, schedule, and team members.

To answer this question, I am sharing a few pages from my new

In the book, I explain that a house is built in layers. When you look at your kitchen wall, you might think of a layer cake.

Below I have listed the layers in the cake in the order they get installed, from framing all the way down to the knobs on the cabinets. The first picture shows the framing that forms the wall's structure, as well as the plumbing and electrical that are inside the wall. In the second photo, you see drywall, flooring, and paint going in. Third, you see cabinetry wall tile, countertops, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. These are like layers of cake, jelly, more cake, and finally frosting.

The finished kitchen wall is shown below

In a renovation project, you are digging back into these layers that have already been installed. The cost, schedule, and team for your remodel depends on how many layers deep you will dig into your existing home.

To make this estimation more straightforward for you, I have divided remodels into three types, each with an expectation for cost, schedule, and necessary team.

Next week, I will give you a helpful quiz to help you determine if your renovation is a:

  1. Resurface Renovation

  2. Change-in-Place Renovation

  3. Studs-Out Renovation

But if you want to get started on the quiz, your cost estimate, schedule, and team roster now... Hop on over to Amazon and grab the book!


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