We have a combined forty year of experience in the design and construction industry. Aubrey is an interior designer, and project manager with experience managing the construction of everything from a bathroom remodel to a $10M aerospace gallery. She provides the team's drive and vision. Craig is an architect and builder to his core. He thinks in construction details, and he provides our focus and our finish.

We have a passion for transforming buildings and we believe in timeless materials that bring integrity and long life to a place.


Our mission is to create places that shelter and inspire others!

"House Flipper"
just doesn't say it all...


            Yes, I did draw a floor plan for the sleeping bags and create a schedule for the magazine quizzes at my fourth-grade sleepover. Since then there have been hundreds of residential remodels, five years as the owner of my own design firm, and some monstrous projects managed for a couple of Seattle's most famous companies... But my greatest accomplishment may still have been keeping those fourth graders in line.


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Process Diagrams and Excel Sheets are
my love language

I am a guru of design and construction process. I have helped corporations, startups, general contractors, design studios, and homeowners bring order to the sometimes messy business of architecture and construction. 

I am passionate about bringing people together with clear but detailed visual communications, and I have experience in numerous and diverse niches of the construction industry from aerospace to prefabricated buildings. 

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design and construction process 5.10_edited.jpg
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Resume Highlights

Construction Management

2022 - Currently building a prefabricated construction program for Starbucks Coffee Company.

2015 - Inherited a severely delayed and politically entangled plan to transform an existing warehouse building into a flagship design/build center for one of the world's largest aerospace companies. Managed to untangle a damaged relationship, build a fresh design and construction team, and creatively phase work that included the installation of three full-scale aircraft. Completed the facility within a challenging 13-month timeline and came in under the $9.8M budget. 

2014 - Inherited a mismanaged effort to build an aerospace sales gallery using highly unorthodox materials and methods which had spiraled into two years of delays and legal troubles. Was tasked with closing the project but managed to quickly chart a 12-month path to completion. Oversaw the finish of construction documents, managed three rounds of drastic value engineering, reestablished a construction team, and was able to creatively resurrect the original design intent within the remaining $5.6M budget.


2021 - Completed a run of three residential flips totaling over $1M in net profit.

2017 - Managed a two-year effort to restructure the scopes of work used by Starbucks Architecture and Engineering consultants across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia. Thus, creating a new process and framework for architectural work company wide. 

2008 - Founded Aubrey Design, a residential remodeling studio that rose to the top Seattle’s market in only five years while remodeling over 90 homes by building relationships with more than twenty of Seattle’s top general contractors, exhibiting a major presence at the Seattle Home Show, and winning two Master Building’s awards. 

2005 - Promoted from an entry-level interior designer to head of a design department within three years.

         Craig started framing houses and drawing plans as a teenager. He is one of those rare architects who understands construction as well as he understands design. In addition to countless homes, he has led design on commercial projects as large as PACCAR's 200k sq.ft. distribution center, and managed his own freelance practice for 20 continuous years now... and what does he do on vacation?... tour architecture. 



Residential Architecture 

Craig's current project is the launch of a residential design studio at Clark Barnes in Seattle. Send him a note if you are planning a residential renovation or construction project and need architectural services. 

Resume Highlights


2019 - Currently working for Clark Barnes Architecture on some of Seattle's first cross laminated timber buildings including an 8 story hotel and an 18 story high rise which will be the country's tallest CLT building when completed. 

1999 - 2020 - Owned and operated his own residential design practice for over 20 years.

2017 - Earned State of Washing Architectural License

2013 - Spent six years as an Architect and team leader at Freiheit Architecture where he was honored to have led commercial design work for key clients like PACCAR, for whom he designed the PACCAR Parts flagship distribution center. 

2002 - 2013 Lead the design team at Estate Homes for over ten years and designed hundreds of homes for clients across Western Washington, many of whom he still has a great relationship with. 


2021 - Completed a run of three residential flips totaling over $1M in net profit.

2013 - 2020 - Built or fully renovated his own custom home three separate times. 

1995 - Craig has an understanding of architecture that is based in hands-on field experience which started with the summers he spent working in the field for his father’s construction company