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"House Flipper" just doesn't say it all...

We have a combined forty years of experience in the design and construction industry. We are designers, builder/investors, and we coach others!


Aubrey Davis


2022 - Built a prefabricated construction program for Starbucks Coffee Company.

2017 -Structured the Architectural and Engineering scopes of work used by Starbucks consultants across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia.

2015 - Managed design and construction of a flagship design/build center for one of the world's largest aerospace companies. 

2014 - Managed the design and construction of a flagship aerospace sales gallery using highly unorthodox materials and methods. 

2008 - Founded Aubrey Design, a residential remodeling studio that rose to the top Seattle’s market in only five years while remodeling over 90 homes.

Craig Carney


2023 - Currently launching a residential design studio at Clark Barnes Architecture.

2019 - Worked on Seattle's first cross laminated timber buildings. 

1999 - 2020 - Owned and operated his own residential design practice for over 20 years.

2017 - Earned State of Washing Architectural License

2013 - Lead commercial design work for key clients like PACCAR, for whom he designed the PACCAR Parts flagship distribution center. 

2002 - 2013 Lead the design team at Estate Homes for over ten years and designed hundreds of homes for clients across Western Washington.

1995 - Craig has an understanding of architecture that is based in hands-on field experience which started with the summers he spent working in the field for his father’s construction company


project spotlight

_MG_7928v2 copy.jpg
Marble Surface

The Noble Fir

The Noble Fir is our log cabin in the Cascade Mountains. We spent nine months remodeling this nostalgic log cabin to make it a one-of-a-kind experience that we could share with you!

Purchase Price:  $850,000

Reno & Subdivision: $550,000

After Repair Value: $1.7M

Forced Equity: $300,000

major remodel magnolia Seattle
Marble Surface


We like to call the Magnolia house a "grand mid-century classic". It is mid-century, but also traditional, and a little art deco. This project was a whole house gut and renovation including some key changes to the floor plan. Click below for more details. 

Purchase Price:  $974,000

Renovation: $480,000

After Repair Value: $1.725M

Forced Equity: $300,000

Marble Surface

Maple Leaf 2

Believe it or not, after finishing a long and difficult remodel on Maple Leaf 1... we bought the house next door (literally one door down), and we started all over! Click below and get ready for some dramatic before and after pictures. 

Purchase Price:  $480,000

Renovation: $350,000

Sale Price: $1.25M

Profit: $420,000

Seattle Remodel ABC Modern.jpg
Marble Surface

Maple Leaf 1

This project is where our investment journey began. We personally and painfully updated every inch of this mid-century modern cutie over the course of four years worth of weekends and vacation time. This house was our literal sweat equity that started it all. 

Purchase Price:  $420,000

Renovation: $100,000

Sale Price: $875,000

Profit: $355,000

Marble Surface

Maui Condo

When a client asked if I wanted to help renovate a condo in Maui I said YES! After we were finished this one bedroom condo in Kihea was  renting at more than twice the rate of the non-renovated units in the same building!

Non-Renovated Rent:  $310/night

Renovated Rent: $700/night

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