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General contractors

Can I ask you a few questions...

  • Would it be nice if your homeowners came to you with a written scope of work?

  • Would your estimate be more accurate if your homeowners had a complete set of specifications outlining all their finish and fixture decisions?

  • What else could you spend your time on if you didn't have to put out so many fires in the field?

  • How many more jobs could you handle if we eliminated delays caused by finish and fixture decisions? 

Here are four ways I can help
free download


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Give your homeowners a clear to do list and a visual overview of the process. 
+ Process Diagram

Remodel Jump Start

homeowner workbook

This workbook will help your client put together their initial design ideas and document a scope of work for their project!

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Remodel Resource Guide

homeowner guide

This guide will save your clients hours of research and tens of headaches! I have compiled all my favorite suppliers into one list with website links!

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my signature interior design program

Let me bring your clients through my six-week online process. I will send them back to you with all of their interior fixtures and finishes chosen and documented in a complete set of specifications. 


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We will be kicking off the Specify program this February. Do you have any clients that would be a good fit? This six week online program is a great opportunity for your:

grab the syllabus here
  • Clients who don't want to pay $10k - $30k for interior design service.

  • Clients who would enjoy engaging in the finish/fixture selection process.

  • Clients who need to stick to a budget.

  • Clients who would like to avoid schedule and budget surprises during construction.

If you have a client who might be a good fit, send me an email. Let's chat!

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Are you thinking of setting up an in-house design department? I can help you set up systems and train designers for long-term success. Send me an email; I'd love to discuss your specific goals. 

Hi! I'm Aubrey Davis

I've been working in the design and construction management field for 20 years.


2022 - Built a prefabricated construction program for Starbucks Coffee Company.

2022 - Completed a run of four residential flips totaling  $2M in net profit/equity (while working full time).

2017 -Structured the Architectural and Engineering scopes of work used by Starbucks consultants across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia.

2015 - Managed design and construction of a flagship design/build center for one of the world's largest aerospace companies. 

2014 - Managed the design and construction of a flagship aerospace sales gallery using highly unorthodox materials and methods. 

2008 - Founded Aubrey Design, a residential remodeling studio that rose to the top Seattle’s market in only five years while remodeling over 90 homes.


Here is what other General Contractors are saying about my work. 

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"I have known Aubrey since 2006 and she is the reason why I believe in the design build concept. She introduced me to the real meaning of design. Design is not just a decoration, design is not just about beauty, design is the key to any succeful project. Design is a set of specifications for every item that is going to be used for your project and a set of drawings that will guide you through rest of the details. It is the tool to eliminate any miscommunication between a client and a contractor. Aubrey knows what true design means and I am sure can teach you, as well as she did me a long ago.."

Alex Shikhanov - CEO & Owner of Armada Design & Build - Built a 30+ employee design and construciton firm  

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"As a General Contractor who specializes in high end remodels and custom homes, Aubrey is a great value for my clients and very valuable to my company in providing detailed vital job information, while also saving me time. She has integrity, is punctual, an expert in her field, awesome to work with and my clients love working with her."

Sean Brandel - Founder of Seattle Remodeling Co. Has run a successful construction firm for 25+ years

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“It’s uncommon to find an interior designer with an excellent eye for design who also understands the details of the construction process. Aubrey has spent her career mastering both. I have seen her gracefully lead the launch of a corporate-level prefab construction program while also managing a whole home renovation on the side, and she didn’t break a sweat. Aubrey is not scared of a challenge; she can bring order to complex situations and chart a clear path to completion. In addition, Aubrey is a lovely person to work with. She brings a light-hearted spirit to her team and clients while helping them achieve their goals.”

Michael Coakley - Custom Construction at Tyler Development Has held senior construction positions at Starbucks, Alquist, and Skanska

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