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Design your dream home

Remodel without the NIGHTMARE

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Free kitchen & bath


Planning a home renovation? Go in with a plan so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get the Kitchen/Bathroom that you really want!

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Start here!
Free Live


My process and how I make a material board! In just 45 mins your design will be materializing on paper!  

You're in! Check your email for a link!

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Before you hire a team

Remodel Jumpstart


Make a plan for your design, budget, and team!

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Remodel Resource Guide

180 resources listed

Save yourself hours of research, and tens of headaches! I have compiled all my favorite suppliers into one list with links to all their websites!

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Let's design your dream home!


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spend six weeks designing your dream home with me!

Specify is my signature interior design program.

You have likely worked all your life to get to the point where you can design the custom home you are dreaming of. You should not only get exactly what you want, you should not have to live through a construction nightmare to get it done.

Let me help you design your vision while we also protect your schedule, your budget, and your peace of mind!

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More about Us

Remodeling is kind of our thing! We are interior designer, Aubrey Davis and Architect, Craig Carney. We have been remodeling houses for twenty years and we are now making it our mission to give away all our secrets! 

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