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Kitchen & Bath Checklist

Planning a home renovation? Go in with a plan so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get the Kitchen/Bathroom that you really want!

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Start here!

Remodel Quiz

Are you wondering: How much will it cost? How long will it take? Who do I hire? - Take the quiz and download my free 21 page guide!

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Live Material Board Workshop

Join me for this free workshop! In just one hour you will have the design for your dream home materializing on paper!  

The next live workshop is: 

Wed, Dec 6, 10am pst

You're in! Check your email for a link!

when you are ready to hire a team

Remodel Jump Start

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Remodel Jump Start is my course bundle that will give you a fast and efficient path to start your home remodel or custom build! It is an essential launch pad if you are planning to hire a General Contractor, Architect, and/or Interior Designer.

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Let's design your dream home!

Specify Success

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You have likely worked all your life to get to the point where you can design the custom home you are dreaming of. You should not only get exactly what you want, you should not have to live through a nightmare to get it done. Let’s protect your vision, your schedule, your budget, and your peace of mind!

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spend six weeks designing your dream home with me!

I have spent twenty years building my signature remodel/build design system. Let me help you design your dream bathroom, kitchen, or whole house. 

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More about Us

Remodeling is kind of our thing! We are interior designer, Aubrey Davis and Architect, Craig Carney. We have been remodeling houses for twenty years and we are now making it our mission to give away all our secrets! 

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