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Unlock the techniques of a professional interior designer to design the home of your dreams

and remodel it without living through a construction nightmare. 

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Design, by definition, is a plan. Over six weeks, I will collaborate with you to choose beautiful materials for your home and record those choices into a book of worksheets. This book will give your contractor everything they need to calculate a realistic budget and timeline, and then remodel your home without putting you through a nightmare.  

Even if you hire a contractor, you will be responsible for researching, choosing, and communicating (preferably in writing) your desires for your flooring, countertops, tile, appliances, cabinetry, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and finish carpentry items. 

Making these choices involves not only choosing a material like a countertop, but it's also communicating the thickness, the sink mounting, the edge detail, the backsplash, the support for the bar overhang, etc.

Did you know?

flooring, countertops, tile, appliances, cabinetry, wallpaper, lighting, plumbing, mirror, shower enclosures, millwork, doors

I will help you choose your

You have likely worked all your life to get to the point where you can design the custom home you are dreaming of. You should not only get what you want; you should not have to live through a nightmare to get it done. Let’s protect your vision, your schedule, your budget, and your sanity!

Over the last twenty years, I have developed a system for bringing my clients through all the aesthetic decisions necessary to realize their vision and then documenting those decisions in a way that includes construction details needed by their contractor.

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Great interior design is not just

beautiful IT's buildable

What is the end goal?
Screen Shot 2023-10-30 at 6.21.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-30 at 6.14.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-29 at 2.27.43 PM.png

means putting your choices on paper using my specification worksheets

beautiful and buildable

You will hand this spec book to your contractor, and know you are receiving a reliable cost for your project. 

As an interior designer, creating specifications is the most important thing I do with a client. Once I have worked with a client to choose a material, I put the details about that material on paper, and most importantly, I including construction details that your contractor needs to know before they can bid and build your remodel.

At the end of our time together you will have a book full of completed worksheets. You will be able to hand this book to one or multiple general contractors, and know you are receiving a reliable bid for your project. 

Your contractor will tell you that you are the best client they have had, and you will experience a smooth and successful construction process with no budget bombs, and no schedule slides.

When you arrive in your new home, it will be as you designed, no surprises, no missed opportunities, no regrets.

"Design isn't everything, but design has the power to inform how you show up in your life, and that is everything."

I like to say...

This is true nowhere more than in your home! Your home should support your values and allow you to achieve your highest aims. 

Your goal may be to play on the floor with your kids, have loved ones over for a meal, create space for your hobbies, make room to do your best work, or just to recharge at the end of the day via a lovely bathtub. 

Why are we doing this?

also means I will help you choose materials to best suite your desired aesthetic.

beautiful and buildable

I will recommend materials based on your style preference, and provide a review of your choices.

Here is an example

of the type of construction details I will make sure you don't miss.

When the flooring material in one room is thicker than the material in the next room you may need to install a transition piece to bridge the gap. 

Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 8.53.34 PM.png

Your contractor may have used a metal transition piece

Or our specification could tell him to use a marble threshold

Installing the wrong transition piece is just one of tens of expensive mistakes that I can help you avoid.

If I save you just one of these headaches you will have easily recouped the cost of this program!

Who will guide you?
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Hi, I'm


I've been passionate about creating beautiful and functional interior spaces for two decades.


I have remodeled countless homes as a professional interior designer and managed complex commercial design and construction projects on a big scale. 

It's my goal to use what I know about design, construction, and project management to guide you through the interior design of your dream home in six easy modules! 

Let me explain

The What

The how

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Who is this for?

This is for you if 

  • You are planning to remodel or build your house in the next year.

  • You don't have an unlimited budget. 

  • You want to know the accurate cost before you start construction.

  • You don't have unlimited time to get it done. 

  • You lead a busy life, and can't drop everything to respond to emergencies during construction.

  • You like to plan ahead for success. 

  • You want a distinctive home that represents you. 

  • You don't want low quality "builder grade" materials.

  • You care about the details being done right!

For example...

When a countertop overhangs the cabinets below to make a bar seating area, the overhang needs to be supported by metal brackets.

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 2.31.37 PM.png

Your contractor may install visible support brackets


but you may have preferred hidden brackets

Installing the countertop wrong is just one of tens of expensive mistakes that I can help you avoid.

If I save you just one of these headaches you will have easily recouped the cost of this program!

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What do we cover?

During our six weeks together, we will meet via group live