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Video: How I Layout a Kitchen in Six Steps!

Hi Friends, today I posted a video on Instagram explaining the basic six steps I use to lay out a kitchen. You can click here/below to see the video, and be sure to follow me on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube for more design videos.

There are many more details that we can consider when designing a kitchen, but to give you a short overview, here are the basic six steps I move through in this order:

  1. The Refrigerator and Full Height Pantry - Because a fridge is full-height, it never goes in the center of a cabinet run. This requirement usually leaves you with just one or two possible spots at the end of a wall.

2. Reserve Inside Corners - It can be challenging to reach the back of cabinets placed in inside corners. For this reason, I plan for a lazy-suzan or half lazy-susan in these locations from the start.

3. The Sink and Dishwasher - The sink and the dishwasher always go together to make dish loading easy. The sink is often located at a window or centered on the island. These items take up a lot of space and anchor many kitchen activities, making them an essential next step.

4. The Range - After steps 1-3 above, one wall of cabinets is usually left. This wall is where I center the range (remember ventilation).

5. Garbage Pullout and Hidden Microwave - If there is room, I like to use a garbage pullout that allows for garbage, recycling, and compost. When placing the garbage, consider how you will scrape, rinse, and load dishes into the dishwasher. Also, consider tucking your microwave under an island or in a pantry if space/ventilation will allow.

6. Upper Cabinets - Lastly, I look at the space left to include upper cabinets or open shelves.



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