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Designing a New Shower? 10 Mistakes to Avoid!

I'm gathering that shower design is a popular topic because my most watched videos on Instagram are about my recommendations for your shower remodels. The video I linked below hit 190k views this week!

So back by popular demand, here are...

10 Mistakes I Don't Want You to Make on Your New Shower Design!

Place your controls within reach—Generally, I suggest putting the valve and trim (or on/off handle) right under the shower head, but sometimes doing this would require you to step into the shower's spray to turn it on. If this is an issue, remember that your shower controls can be located right next to the door, even if the shower head is on the opposite side of the shower.

Think ahead about toiletry storage—Well-planned storage for shampoo and soap will need to be built into the shower at the framing stage, so you will want to plan your toiletry storage early. Also, don't forget that any horizontal surface in the shower should be built with a small degree of slope so that water runs toward the shower and not toward the wall. Once it's done you will love the clean look so much that you may want to add some sleek matching bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Steam showers require some extras - If you are thinking of adding steam to your shower, your shower design needs to change in a few ways. 1- The glass around your shower will need to come up to the ceiling 2- The ceiling will need tile or another waterproof surface 3- The ceiling will be installed on a slight slope 4- Be sure to install a powerful ventilation fan just outside the shower. Here is the ventilation fan that we always use (please verify CFM's are adequate for the volume of your shower)

Don't overlook the drain—Did you know that your drain doesn't have to be a gross eye sore? Click here to see how your drain can be integrated into your tile floor or covered with a wood grate. At a minimum, remember to order a drain cover that matches the finish on the rest of your plumbing fixtures.

Put your towel within reach - Don't you hate it when you finish your nice warm shower only to realize your towel is hanging on the opposite side of the bathroom? Place a towel bar or hook within reach to avoid this scenario! Here are a couple of my favorite hooks and bars to help you!

Don't leave your rain shower lonely— the ladies of Instagram have spoken loud and clear. Don't you dare install only a rain shower located directly overhead! Many women do not wash their hair daily and prefer a wall-mounted option in addition to the rain shower! Here are a few of my favorites.

Include a handheld shower - How do I say this?... There are parts of a shower and also parts of a human body that are difficult to clean with a fixed water source falling from above. Consider adding a handheld shower! Cleaning will be easier in more ways than one. Here is a brand and style that I recommend.

All glass is not created equal - Talk to your glass fabricator about what options are available for your shower glass. You may opt for low-iron glass, which has a more clear/less green appearance. You may also want to opt for additional coatings that will help keep your glass free from water spots.

Consider grout options - Similarly, not all tile grouts are the same. First, look at the tile you have chosen to see if the manufacturer recommends a specific grout type. Then, talk to your tile installer and ask if they can recommend a grout that is less porous and made to stay clean longer.

Don't be Hot and Cold—If you are installing a new heat vent in your bathroom, consider placing it just under the towel bar or just over the shower door. You will thank me later. You may also want to take the opportunity to install in-floor heat in the bathroom or even inside the shower!


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