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Upgrades You Don't Want to Forget About When Remodeling

Updated: Jan 10

I recently created a new workbook called "Remodel Jump Start" and as a bonus I added a list of upgrades that we have learned to add to our remodels. Here is a sneak peak of what is in the workbook!

Electrical, Audio Visual, and Security Items

  • Add an outlet or two in the eaves of your house for holiday lights, and consider connecting this outlet to a switch or timer switch inside.

  • Add wiring for video doorbell at front door, and consider adding additional hardwired chime indoor for doorbell.

  • Place wiring for landscape lighting outdoors.

  • Consider a WIFI controlled garage door opener with security camera. Also, a garage door opener that is wall mounted and has nylon wheels can reduce noise/increase headroom.

  • Add whole house surge protection at the electrical panel.

  • Add wiring for exterior security cameras.

  • Add a 220V outlet for electric car charging.

  • Add basic lighting in attic and crawl space.

  • Think ahead about modem location and WIFI coverage.

  • Think ahead about charging locations for devices.

  • Consider extra blocking (wood framing) in garage ceiling for hanging storage.

  • Add power at interior and exterior speaker locations.

  • Consider adding infrastructure for future solar panels.

  • Add power for tv and projector locations. Think ahead about installing conduit if an entertainment component or gaming system will be stored elsewhere.

  • Add motion-activated switches in closets and/or garage

  • Add infrastructure for a generator.

  • Install power for electric window shades, skylight shades, or smart film on glass.

  • Include power for in-floor heating in bathrooms or damp basements.

  • Add electrical provisions for hot tub.

  • Add electrical provisions for future shed or small accessory dwelling.

Plumbing and HVAC Items

  • Add hose bib locations near where you water plants or wash the car. Consider hot water hose bib locations for washing cars, or dogs (or kids).

  • Choose a furnace that is compatible with a WIFI-controlled thermostat.

  • When running a water line to your refrigerator consider putting a shut-off valve in an easy-to-reach location in case of a leak.

  • When using a stacked washer/dryer consider placing the hookups on the side or providing access through the opposite side of the wall.

  • Consider putting your stackable washer/dryer on a platform with wheels in case you need to move it in the future.

  • Place your main water shut off to the house in an easy-to-access location in case of leaks

  • Consider plumbing natural gas to the location where your BBQ will sit.

  • Consider plumbing natural gas for an outdoor fireplace.

  • Consider placing power and gas for outdoor heaters.


  • Make sure your contractor places blocking (extra wood framing) in the wall where handrails, towel bars, shelves, and grab bars might go.

  • Plan a dedicated secure compartment or area for package deliveries.

  • Plan your attic access location and access panel to avoid an eyesore.


  • Plan your appliances early so exact electrical, water, ventilation, and gas requirements and locations can be installed correctly and cabinets can be planned accordingly.



Whenever you're ready, I would love to help you remodel or build your dream home! Here are 4 ways we can work together:


  1. My free Live Material Board Workshop is a great place to start! In just one hour, you will have the design for your dream home materializing on paper!

  2. My new book, Remodel Jump Start is packed with 100 pages of valuable information and worksheets to help you create a plan for your design, budget, and team!

  3. Save yourself hours of research with my Remodel Resource Guide! I have compiled all my favorite suppliers for things like flooring, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and hardware...

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