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Resources to help you design and build your dream home without living through a nightmare!

Updated: Jan 10

Hey there, I know that content is scattered all over the internet these days. When you find someone on social media, it can be hard to determine exactly what it is that they offer.

I have been working hard to create an online platform full of value packed resources, to help you design a successful home remodel, and I wanted to take a minute to make sure you have the full list all in one place!

My Blog *Free* - Obviously, if you are reading this, you know I have a blog. This is where I am dropping big juicy pieces of content for you. Come here to dive into topics like: "How to Find a Good Contractor", "What Questions to ask your Architect, Interior Designer, and Contractor", "Remodel Upgrades You Don't Want to Forget", "Common Remodel Snowballs"... and more! My Pinterest Page *Free* - This is where I regularly catalogue all my current favorite products into boards with specific categories like "Light Fixtures", "Cabinetry", "Kitchens", "Stairs", etc... My Kitchen and Bath Design Checklist *Free*

2 page Checklist + Process Diagram

If you thinking of remodeling your house, this is a great

place to start. It includes two pages of checklist items and also a design process guide. If you have been following me for long, I'm guessing you have already grabbed this. Don't miss the process diagram that is included, it is a gem.

My Remodel Resource Guide

16 page Download

After 20+ years of remodeling, this is my epic brain dump of all my favorite suppliers. You will get 16 pages of suppliers who will provide you with things like countertops, flooring, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing, lighting, doors, and millwork.

This is going to save you HOURS OF RESEARCH!

My Remodel Jump Start Book

If you are planning a home renovation or build, don’t miss this opportunity to start from a solid foundation!

First, in my Design Brief Course we we will insure that you don't start meeting with contractors or designers until you have put your desires on paper. Launching your project with the clear communication will help you avoid inaccurate bids and undesirable outcomes!

Then, in my Team & Budget Planner Course we will get your mind set on a realistic budget, and make sure you hire the right architect, interior designer, and contractor!


For twenty years I have been incorporating the lessons I've learned into my signature remodel design system. Let me help you design your dream bathroom, kitchen, or whole house. Click below to join the waitlist and be notified about early bird pricing.



Let's chat about designing your dream home.

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