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Remodeling? Wondering what an Interior Designer should provide?

Updated: Nov 15

I recently finished a "Team and Budget Planner" that I will be offering with a mini-course and I wanted to give you this sneak peak. Here is my summary of what an Interior Designer should provide for your remodel project.


Your interior designer will work with you to create drawings, choose the items listed on the following page, and create specifications for each.


  • As-Built Drawings (if not completed)

  • Floor Plan and Elevations

  • Electrical Plan

  • Flooring Specs

  • Counter Tops Specs

  • Tile Specs

  • Cabinetry Specs

  • Wall Finish Specs

  • Electrical Specs

  • Plumbing Specs

  • Doors & Hardware Specs

  • Millwork & Railings Specs

  • Mirrors & Glass Specs

  • Appliance Specs

  • Closet Interior Specs

  • Window Treatment Specs


  • Be sure that your interior designer has experience in residential remodeling or new construction (depending on your project). A designer with furniture experience or who works in commercial interior design will have a different skill set and is not the best fit for a residential remodel or new build.

  • Look for an interior designer with experience designing homes that fit with the style of your current home or the home you envision.

  • Look for a designer who has good relationships with general contractors. A designer who can communicate well with contractors is key to a successful project.

Key Questions:

  • Can I see an example of one of your past drawing and specification sets? Which sheets and specs are included?

  • Do you have a General Contractor that you typically work with?

  • How commonly do you see clients need to engage in some value engineering (redesign) once the after the construction cost comes back from the general contractor?

  • What cabinetry suppliers do you typically work with, and will they produce detailed cabinet drawings?

  • Do you typically place the material and fixture orders, or does the homeowner, or does the GC?

P.S. If you found this information helpful, I think that you will appreciate our "Remodel Jump Start" course bundle. You can find out more about that here:

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