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Remodeling? Wondering What an Architect Should Provide?

Updated: Jan 10

I am currently working on a book called "Remodel Jump Start" and I wanted to give you this sneak peak. Here is my summary of what an architect should provide for your remodel project.


Your architect will work with you to complete the items below, and if necessary may pull in a Surveyor, Structural, Geo-technical, or Civil Engineer, and Jurisdictional Officials.


  • As-Built Drawings

  • Site and Foundation Drawings

  • Floor/Framing/Demo Drawings

  • Roof Plan Drawings

  • Building Sections & Details

  • Interior/Exterior Elevations

  • Window/Door Specs

  • Siding & Exterior Paint Specs

  • Roof & Gutters Specs

  • Decks & Railings Specs & Drawings


  • Be sure that your architect has experience in residential remodeling or new construction (depending on your project). An architect with commercial design experience will have a very different skill set.

  • Look for an architect with experience designing homes that fit with the style of your current home or the home you envision.

  • Look for an architect who has good relationships with general contractors. An architect who can communicate well with contractors is key to a successful project.


  • Can I see an example of one of your past drawing and specificaiton sets? Which sheets and specs are included?

  • How much experience do you have working with our jurisdiction? How long do you anticipate permitting will take?

  • What type of consultants will be required for our project? (eg. Structural Engineer, Geo-technical Engineer, Civil Engineer) Will consultants be contracted by the architect? If so, how much mark-up will be added to their costs?

  • Do you have an Interior Designer/General Contractor that you typically work with?

  • How commonly do you see clients need to engage in some value engineering (redesign) once the after the construction cost comes back from the general contractor?

Here is a preview from "Remodel Jump Start"



Whenever you're ready, I would love to help you remodel or build your dream home! Here are 4 ways we can work together:


  1. My free Live Material Board Workshop is a great place to start! In just one hour, you will have the design for your dream home materializing on paper!

  2. My new book, Remodel Jump Start is packed with 100 pages of valuable information and worksheets to help you create a plan for your design, budget, and team!

  3. Save yourself hours of research with my Remodel Resource Guide! I have compiled all my favorite suppliers for things like flooring, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and hardware...

  4. When you're serious about starting your remodel or new home, come spend six weeks with me, and I will walk you through the interior design of your project using my signature interior design program!



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