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My Kitchen & Bath Trend Report for 2024

Updated: Jan 10

Traditional Millwork

Traditional details are showing up in every area of interior design, but most noticeably in millwork. Many use applied millwork on living room walls to create a traditional panel look. 

Unified Millwork and Wall Color

The standard has long been to paint millwork white and put a color on the wall, but now we are seeing so many rich examples of walls and millwork painted in the same color. 

Scalloped Everything

Scalloped details have been and will continue to be everywhere! This is one of my personal favorite trends. I used this in a big way on my own kitchen island and hood. 

Treated Passageways 

This is a little obscure, but I notice passageways between rooms clad in wood, marble, and even brass. 

Light Fixtures and Sinks in Color

We've done brass, chrome, bronze, and then back to brass... what's next? Color! I am seeing many light fixtures and now sinks in fun colors! My prediction is that faucets and door hardware are next. 

Marble Details

Marble, particularly heavily veined marble, has been wowing us as the focal point of elegant kitchens for some time. We now see it trickling into details like cabinet hardware, shelving, and light fixtures. 

Green Kitchens

Don't believe that whiny frog; it is actually pretty easy being green. We have been seeing deep tones of green on kitchen cabinets everywhere, and it's lovely. 

Grain Matched Marble

This detail might be lost on many, but the heavily veined marble used in kitchens everywhere is often grain-matched. The grain match is part of what makes it so stunning. We even see backsplashes grain matched to shelves, countertops, and toe kicks. 

Treated Toe Kicks

Again, it's a little thing, but details make all the difference. We recently used brass on the toe kick in our own kitchen, and I am also seeing marble toe kicks. 

Framed Shower Enclosures

A frameless shower enclosure used to be the fanciest thing you could add to your bathroom, but now it's all about framing the glass around your shower in unique and beautiful ways. These framed doors and panels often have a historical feel. 

Unlacquered Brass

Yes, it's supposed to get spots on it! Part of the charm of unlacquered brass is the old-world feel. It will patina as you use it. 

Rich Wood Tones

Goodbye, white kitchens; warm wood tones are back. 

Decorative Light Switches

Why did we put up with those plain plastic switch plate covers for so long when we could have had walnut or ceramic in fun colors?


These Art Deco-inspired curves have been around for a little while, and I see them going nowhere in 2024. 

Checkered Floors

It's a commitment, but in the right home, a checkered floor can be a fun splash of personality and a charming reference to the past. 

Plaid Wallpaper

I might be biased because this is my own wallpaper design, but I am seeing a lot of traditional plaid showing up on all surfaces, including wallpaper. 

Image Sources:


Scalloped vanity


Scalloped Baquet Cushion


Painted library


White scalloped kitchen


Scalloped cabinet with brass toe kick


Brass passage way


Colorful Lighting


Concrete sinks


Pink Marble


Marble Pulls


Framed Shower Enclosures


Green Kitchen


Rich Wood Tone Kitchen


Wood Light Switches


Porcelain Light Switches


Curved Wall in Bathroom


Checkered Floor


Plaid Wallpaper


Brass Faucet



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