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Common Remodeling Snowballs

Updated: Aug 14

So, you have probably heard that a remodel project can often "snowball", meaning that the scope of work grows as you get into construction, and thus the schedule and budget also grow. Here is a list of interior remodel items that often trigger the desire or necessity to add additional remodel items to your project.

  • When replacing flooring you will probably need to replace baseboard, which often leads to replacing door and maybe window frames, and then repainting trim and maybe walls.

  • When removing cabinetry, you may find that your existing flooring does not extend under your cabinets.

  • When replacing counter tops, you will likely also want to replace your backsplash.

  • If replacing your backsplash, you may want to move your outlets to better locations or off your backsplash all together and use under cabinet outlets instead.

  • Moving a light fixture usually mean cutting out more drywall than you are anticipating, and thus results in drywall and paint work.

  • In an older home, when you open the wall to move some plumbing or electrical you often find that the walls were never insulated thus adding insulation to your project.

  • Older cabinetry may not be sized correctly for your new appliances, which can lead to replacing cabinetry.

  • Changing the layout of the room or cabinetry can often lead to changing the location of heat vents in the floor or on the wall.

  • Changing the layout of the room or cabinetry will likely necessitate moving outlets to new locations.

  • Removing a mirror that is glued to the wall may cause paint and drywall damage.

  • You may find that new appliances don’t fit in the opening within your existing cabinets.

  • When adding a glass shower enclosure, towel bars, or grab bars you will need to open the wall to add blocking (blocking is extra wood attached to the 2x4s in your walls).

  • When you start upgrading the materials and fixtures in your home it often makes your textured walls look dated. You may end up wanting to skim coat your walls for a more smooth-wall effect.

  • When remodeling, your hollow core doors can suddenly feel low quality in comparison to all the nice new materials that you have just added.

  • When you start upgrading other items in your home, old light switch and outlet plates might end up looking dated and dirty.

  • When replacing the light fixtures and plumbing fixtures with a new finish you may end up wanting to coordinate that finish on your door knobs and door hinges.

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