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6 Countertop Materials - Including Paper???

Updated: Mar 23

This week, I'm finishing up the countertop selection guide below. This guide will be among the materials included for the students in my signature interior design program, but I'm considering making a series of inexpensive downloads available to everyone. Let me know if you are interested.

My countertop selection guide goes into detail about

a. Quartz

b. Porcelain

c. Recycled Paper

d. Concrete

e. Natural Stone

f. Butcher Block

And yes, that does say recycled paper!

Let me give you an inside peek at the guide and tell you more about recycled paper countertops (this is not a sponsored email).

In section C of this guide, I share the following:

Recycled paper is a lesser-known material that has been around for many years. It goes by the brand names "Paperstone" and "Richlite".

Paperstone and Richlite are made of densely packed paper, combined with plastic resins, and baked in industrial ovens at high temperatures to make the material resistant to heat and water. It is highly durable and even used for exterior siding panels.

Personally, I think this material can be a graceful choice for a home that calls for quieter, more natural-feeling surfaces. Recycled paper is an excellent replacement for plastic laminate in an updated mid-century home or a lovely choice for an earthy home on the beach, in the desert, or in the mountains!



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