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10 Items for Your Mid-Century Modern Home Renovation

Updated: Mar 23

Wondering which tile, countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing, and hardware is right for your home? Here are my recommendations if you are aiming for a mid-century modern style... 

Mid-century modern finishes have a few common elements that visually connect them and give them that unmistakable mid-mod look. Standout mid-century homes are unique because they are grounded in natural materials, but unlike previous eras, materials were manufactured and installed using a clean, modern style. This combination makes a mid-mod home a unique balance of earthy tones and sleek lines. 

a. Countertops - Mid-century homes were typically built with a solid color on the countertops. In the 1950s/60s, the material used was plastic laminate, but today, I would look at a product called Paper Stone. It is highly durable and has a matte finish, which will blend nicely with the other natural materials I am recommending. 


b. Light Switch - Another hallmark of a mid-century modern space is whimsey. Where modernism can be accused of taking itself too seriously, the mid-century brand of modernism knew how to have a sense of humor or play. Adding pops of fun color is a great way to embrace this quality. I love these brightly colored porcelain light switches for this reason! 


c. Cabinetry - Medium wood tones and minimal ornamentation are lovely choices for a mid-century home. This cabinet door is sleek but earth in just the right way. 


d. Wallpaper - Pattern design of the era incorporated simple geometric shapes and cheerful themes. If you are looking for mid-mod wallpaper, might I recommend one of my own peel-and-stick wallpapers? This raindrop pattern will be available soon.


e. Tile - Mid-mod color pallets often included turquoise, burnt oranges, and browns, these hand glazed tiles provide just the right splash of throw back colors!


f. Bathroom Vanity - Adding a furniture vanity to a bathroom will give you an opportunity to use simple tapered furniture legs consistent with the era. This piece also picks up on the rhythm we are creating with our repeating clean lines. 


g. Lighting and Plumbing - Mid-century lighting and plumbing fixtures are a place where you can really bring in the playful spirit of the era. Look for fixtures that use cylindrical and sphere shapes. Here is a sconce, faucet, and directional fixture that I highly recommend. 


h. Flooring - Terrazzo!!! One of the best things that mid-century design brought us is terrazzo. You can see it on airport floors everywhere, but many more residential versions are also available. Made of concrete and crushed stone, it is timeless and will pair well with the oak floors that are probably existing in your mid-century home. 


i. Hardware - Hardware is another chance to incorporate the hallmark shapes of mid-century design. Again, look for pulls and knobs in circle, sphere, and cylindrical shapes. This split circle is a classic way to bring fun to your cabin pulls. 



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