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10 Interior Design Styles & Key Features

Updated: Mar 23

(A page taken from my new Remodel Jumpstart Workbook)

When starting a remodel project, look first at the architectural style of your home. Architectural styles exist in waves, usually influenced by the time and location your home was built. Its style consists of features like it's shape, size, roof type, siding, window/door style, masonry, floor plan, flooring material, cabinetry, wall finish, hardware, lighting, millwork, and other decorative details.

You will likely want to accentuate your home's existing style with material choices that are consistent but current. You may also choose to downplay your home's style with harmonious neutral materials, add hints of different but complementary styles, or even create an intentional contrast of styles (this is the trickiest one to execute successfully).


Features include medium wood tones, globe light fixtures, clean lines, symmetry, pops of color, undecorated natural materials, large windows, open spaces, brick and stone, hardwood flooring, and furnishings from 1950-1970.


Features include light color palettes, natural light, simple, clean decoration, minimal decor, cozy textiles, pronounced functionality, light wood tones, pops of color, and Scandinavian furniture/textiles.


Features include exposed brick/ metal/ductwork, raw concrete, raw steel, reclaimed wood, open spaces, high ceilings, utilitarian decor, repurposed industrial items and spaces.


Features include stucco exteriors, Saltillo tile floors, white walls, arched doorways and windows, terra cotta tiles, hand-painted tiles, earthy colors, wrought iron decoration, and culturally rich details.


Features include painted wood paneling, apron front sinks, neutral tones and light colors, rustic elements, antique accent pieces, antique textile patterns, casual/comfortable feeling, and industrial-looking lighting.


Features include classic details, rich colors, warm wood tones, historic millwork and moldings, symmetry, formal feeling, detailed textile patterns, and pre-1950 antique furnishings.


Features include watery colors, weathered materials, light and airy feeling, nautical elements, painted or white-washed wood, wicker, muted textiles, comfortable and casual feel, plank flooring, and cottage-style furnishings.


Features include natural materials in raw form, distressed finishes, utilitarian textiles like wool, leather, fur, plaid patterns, earthy colors, and handcrafted details like log poles and beams.


Features include luxurious marbles, brass, and lacquered wood. Also, bold geometric patterns, metallic accents, mirrored surfaces, vibrant jewel tone colors, large tropical plants, sleek curved lines, and a feeling of indulgence.


Features include medium wood tones, substantial millwork, paneling, built-in furniture, beams, simple undecorated woodwork, stone fireplaces, handcrafted details, shaker-style cabinetry, wood windows, and hand-glazed tiles.



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