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Preview My Upcoming Book - "Remodel Jump Start"

The following is the introduction for my upcoming book -

"Remodel Jump Start, Start with a Plan for your Design, Budget, and Team":

If you are considering embarking on a home renovation journey, then I'm sure you have heard a few nightmare stories about sliding schedules, expanding budgets, and finished homes that didn't match the vision that initially spurred the project.

It's my goal to use what I know about design, construction, and project management to guide you through the design and construction process.

You have likely waited your whole life to design your own custom home. You deserve to have your vision realized and not live through a construction nightmare to get it done!

I like to say,

"Design isn't everything, but design has the power to inform how you show up in your life, and that is everything."

This sentiment is true nowhere more than in your home! Your home should support your values and allow you to achieve your highest aims.

Your goal may be to play on the floor with your kids, have loved ones over for a meal, create space for your hobbies, make room to do your best work, or recharge at the end of the day via a lovely bathtub.

Your vision of home is entirely achievable with proper planning!



Let's chat about designing your dream home.

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