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Design your dream home and remodel without the nightmare!

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- Aubrey Davis, Interior Designer & Remodeling Expert

thinking of remodeling? 


Free Kitchen & Bath



Free live

Let me show you how I make a material board! 
In just one hour you will have the design for your dream home materializing on paper!  

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Remodel Jumpstart

Start with a plan for your design budget and team.
Don't step into the minefield of home renovation without any guidance! I have twenty years of experience to share! 

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Remodel Resource Guide

180 suppliers listed

Save yourself hours of research, and headaches!
I have compiled all my favorite suppliers into one list so that you can design the custom home you are dreaming of!

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spend six weeks with me

Unlock the techniques of a professional interior designer to

design the home of your dreams and then remodel it

without living through a construction nightmare.

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My wallpaper designs 


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Find out more about Craig and Aubrey and our most recent remodel projects. 

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