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tools for a successful  renovation. 

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Aubrey Davis - Interior Designer & Remodeling Expert


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Roadmap to Renovation

Thinking of remodeling or building a house? This is the place to start. 

free resources

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Get in the conversation and get access to our latest resources. 


My top remodel product recommendations

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I have gathered all my favorite products and inspiration pictures on to this free Pinterest page for your reference

Work with Us

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Let a professional walk you through the design process step by step. We want to set you up for success on your home renovation project!

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Book a Call

Would your project bennifit from some specific guidance? 

Interior Designer


Spend eight weeks with Craig and Aubrey diving into the specifics of your project! Let's get you on the waitlist now!

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Let's add some life to your project with our peel and stick wallpaper, designed by Aubrey!

about us


Here's what we have been working on....


Find out more about our small but mighty team!


Our new vacation rental located in the beautiful Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle. 

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