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Pre-Design Mini-Course

The design and construction industry can be an unclear and even chaotic place for a homeowner to step into. You may be working with many designers, vendors, contractors, but none of them will give you an overview of the process or lead you though from start to finish.


Our goal is to pour what we know about the residential design and construction process into this mini-course so that you can start your project with a clear path that fits your needs.


And to set you up with our worksheets to help you clarify your foundational Pre-Design needs and preferences for your own benefit and/or for your designers and contractors.


This is the launch pad that will help you avoid the (all too common) construction nightmares, and ultimately build the home that will shelter and inspire you.


Marble Surface

We are going to give you:


A Five Part Video Companion - I made a series of video to walk you through the design process step by step.


Our Program Worksheet - This worksheet will help you communicate the “why” for your project. Who uses the space and for what? Let's make sure your home will meet the needs of you and your family. 


Our Scoping Worksheets - These worksheets will help you summarize the work that you would like completed for your designers/contractors to ensure accurate communication and costing.

Our Team and Budget Planner - Which consultants and sub-contractors will you need, who are you hiring directly, what work might you do yourself?

You might know your big number, but do you know exactly who and what that amount needs to cover?


A Key Questions List - Be sure to ask your Architect, Interior Designer, and General Contractor all the right questions.


Example Drawings/Specs - Are you curious what an architect or interior designer should be providing for you. I will share with you a set of example construction documents.

You will leave with:


  • A clear picture of the team you will need

  • An understanding of what those team members will provide

  • An overview of events and rough timeline for the typical project.

  • The tools to complete your Pre-Design "homework" before you begin meeting with designers and contractors.

  • The tools to begin planning your team and budget.

  • The language to ask for what you need from your team.


All this for just




This material will easily save you more than it costs!

get your project stared on the right foot!

Join Our Online Course

Admission fee for this course is $97


Thanks for registering! Check your email! 

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