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Material board

A video tutorial 

Planning a home renovation?

Don’t end up second guessing your choices. Use my favorite design tool to make confident decisions, communicate your desires, and design a cohesive beautiful space.

Join me for this quick and easy tutorial on how to create a material board

Material board tutorial

I often get asked: "How do you see the finished space in your head?" ... well the truth is, I don't... not without a little help. I use tools like a material board to help me make good decisions and envision the what the finished space will look like. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 11.23.43 PM.png

In this video class I will show you what tools I use to gather my ideas about counter tops, cabinets, lighting, tile, furniture, etc. How I narrow down my selections, create a visual material board, and then make a final choice.​

Included in the tutorial: 

  • A video to show you how I use a super handy (and free) online tool to gather my design ideas visually in one place.

  • A ready-made template that you can drag and drop photos into when you are ready to create your finished material board to share with your design/construction team. 

Join me today for this quick and easy tutorial on how to create a material board!

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Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 11.23.43 PM.png

Let's kick off your design like a pro

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