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Specify Success

Let's get you ready for a successful home renovation!

An eight week class by interior designer Aubrey Davis and architect Craig Carney from abc modern starting in January 2023



  • It lacks function?

  • It doesn't reflect your personal style?

  • It looks like it is from another era?

  • You don't know where to start

  • You don't know how much it will cost

  • It all feels overwhelming

Does your house have a "before" that is crying out to become an "after"? Let me guess... 

In short, your space is taking from you, rather than giving to you!


we are here to help

With over 40 years of combined experience in design and construction

and a hundred plus homes remodeled

Have you heard the remodeling horror stories about...

blown budgets!?
extended schedules!?
mistakes made!?
money down the drain!?
nightmare living situations!?

Marble Surface

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Coffee on Desk

take a deep breath and grab a cup of coffee...

You now have a couple experts on your side and we are ready to teach you

how to build a great team - who should you hire and when

make a plan that eliminates miscommunications

how to design a better floor plan and get more space

how to choose the right flooring

how to lay out your tile

how to choose the right counter top material 

how to get the best cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom

how to design lighting that will make you glow

options for doors, hardware, millwork, and railings

how to choose plumbing fixtures, mirrors and shower glass surrounds

how to build a realistic schedule

how to build a budget and use your money where it counts

lets build you a home that shelters and inspires you.

Who is this class for?

Are you a homeowner who is thinking of remodeling?


Have you heard the horror stories and you want to go into this with a plan?

We are with ya!

Do you have a certain budget you need to stick to and you don't want any unwelcome surprises?

Oh yeah, you know it!

Do you want to do this right and not do it again any time soon?

ummm... let me think about it....YES!

Do you want help finding quality contractors to work with?


Do you need to get this done within a certain timeline?

Yaaaaas   Queen!

Interior Designer Testing New Colors

not only that but also...

Are you a design professional looking to join the in-demand residential remodeling and construction world

Have you often dreamed of becoming a designer and helping others see your vision?

Are you a contractor who wants to learn how to better help your clients through the selection process?

this is for you too!

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clients say

"We were so pleased with abc modern and Craig's work!  He took the time to discuss our project prior to us determining the full scope, and then walked us through many ideas and options to ensure our design worked for the specific needs we identified.  

Craig was a key part of our team and fully invested in our projects success.  He comes highly recommended!"

Mandy and Chris


So what is included?

module one:

Flooring & Countertops

Screenshot at Mar 21 15-06-51.png

module one:

Flooring & Countertops

Screenshot at Mar 21 15-07-05.png
Screenshot at Mar 21 15-06-37.png
Screenshot at Mar 21 15-07-20.png

Lighting Design

module four:

Chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed cans, under cabinet lights... we will go over the full list of fixtures that you need to be considering along with all our best tips for lighting layout and electrical plans. 


Choosing Plumbing

module five:

Faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, instant hot water taps, towel bars and tp holders... we will go over the full list of fixtures that you need to be considering and we will give you tools to help you make sure you are ordering all the right pieces and parts the first time. 

Plant Mirror Reflection


module six:

Even though we have covered a lot, there are some important details left. Now is the time to choose paint colors, doors, baseboards and casing, hand railings, mirror, and shower glass. 

Marble Surface

but that's not all!

bonus module:

Budget & Schedule

Even if you are  asking a general contractor to provide a bid for your project we can avoid the common pitfalls by mapping out your scope of work and using our own budget and schedule template as a starting point. 

Screenshot at May 14 15-17-47.png
Screenshot at May 14 15-19-01.png
Bathroom-Kitchen Design Guides_5.10.22-03.png

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Typical Interior Design Services

Are you wondering how much you would pay an Interior Designer to bring you through this process?

Here is an estimate that I recently sent a client for my design services on a whole house renovation.

My services totaled over $20,000. 

Not only that, but finding an Interior Designer who truly understands residential construction can be very challenging!

Screenshot at May 19 13-42-03.png
Screenshot at May 19 13-42-03.png

         Craig started framing houses and drawing plans as a teenager. He is one of those rare architects who understands construction as well as he understands design. In addition to countless homes, he has led design on commercial projects as large as PACCAR's 200k sq.ft. distribution center, and managed his own freelance practice for 20 continuous years... and what does he do on vacation?... tour architecture. 




            Yes, I did draw a floor plan for the sleeping bags and create a schedule for the magazine quizzes at my fourth-grade sleepover. Since then there have been hundreds of residential remodels, five years as the owner of my own design firm, and some monstrous projects managed for a couple of Seattle's most famous companies... But my greatest accomplishment may still have been keeping those fourth graders in line.

"As a General Contractor who specializes in high end remodels and custom homes, Aubrey is a great value for my clients and very valuable to my company in providing detailed vital job information, while also saving me time. She has integrity, is an expert in her field, awesome to work with and my clients love working with her."

Sean Brandel 

Owner, Seattle Remodeling Company

contractors say


How does the guarantee work? What is the refund policy? 

What if I can't make the live class? Will it be recorded?

How long will I be allowed access to this material?

Will this class be offered again?

Is one on one consultation on my project included?

What tools & software will I need?

What is the exact schedule for the class?

Is there a payment plan available?

more questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask. We can be reached at

I know what you are thinking... 

"So hit me with it... how much does all this cost?"

"I saw that your typical design services would be $20,000. Does it cost that much?"

"I saw that I'm getting eight weeks with two designers that typically charge $150/hr. The time spent in class must be worth at least $5000"


"I heard you say that you could save me from making a $3000 mistake with my tile... is it $3000?"




Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

The Reno Master Class,

Okay I'll tell you. 

an eight week experience with Interior Designer Aubrey Davis and Architect Craig Carney is just 


AND  if you can help us plan by registering early we will give you an

early bird discount!

still have concerns?


... wait for it... this class is 

That's right, if you don't find the class EXTREMELY helpful, we will give you a 100% refund

Reserve Your Spot Now!

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